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Through the Royal Road to Castile

The calm locality of Legorreta is 10 kilometres from Tolosa, on the banks of the Oria River. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and preserves interesting architectural elements.

Legorreta’s urban area is located in a wide and open place, in the valley

With a population of 1,375 inhabitants and an extension of 8.6 kilometres, Legorreta is a calm locality in the Tolosaldea region, hiding interesting constructions like the 16th century Church of San Salvador, or the Santa Cruz Calvary (18th century), on the few preserved in Gipuzkoa. This small construction with a carved stone cross was declared a Cultural Interest Wealth of the Basque Country in 2004.
Legorreta’s urban area is located in a wide and open place, in the valley where the waters of the Oria River flow. The town is structured around the passing of what once was the Royal Road to Castile.
Four elements define the urban area of this calm town: the bridges over the Oria River (16th century), near the Santa Cruz Calvary and the Hermitage of Guadalupe, and the Parish Church of San Salvador (16th century), with its magnificent choir supported by three arches. The parish church was built by the famous stonemason Domingo Ezeiza, who worked in the works of El Escorial. If we get into it, we will be able to enjoy its golden altarpiece, a beautiful example of religious painting.
Other charms in Legorreta are the hermitages of Santa Ana, trapezoid-shaped and located on Mount Koate, and the one of Santa Marina, located one kilometre and a half from Legoreta, towards Itsasondo, with an outstanding image of the saint crushing a dragon.
Next to the Hermitage of Santa Ana, we find the 17th century Oriar Manor House, a big rural mansion that formerly was the most important house in Legorreta, although at this moment it is very dilapidated.
As the rest of the villages and towns in this area, the town has beautiful natural landscapes. The paths invite to follow routes and enjoy the typical farmhouses of the area, such as Ajoain, Urdaneta Azpi, and Legorreta Zahar.
Within Legorreta’s cultural agenda, stands out the Corpus Christi Festivity, a popular festivity in which the group of friends have an afternoon snack at the square. The meal includes escargots with wine, given by the Town Council.
The local patron festivities are celebrated 40 days after Easter. The main character is “Gizon-piku”, a puppet parading on the first day, which is buried at the end.



-Church of San Salvador
: With Gothic and Baroque features, this is one of the most beautiful churches in the surroundings.
-Santa Cruz Calvary: This small and careful jewel in Baroque style is built with sandstone. The walls show symbols evoking the Passion of Christ.
-Hermitage of Santa Maria: Located in the Berostegia Quarter, this privately-owned temple presents an altarpiece by Felipe de Azurmendi.

Number of inhabitants:
Main events:
- 40 days after the Ascension Day, local patron festivities. - 4th February: Talo Festival.
Legorreta Town Council: Kale Kale Nagusia 12, 20.250 Legorreta.
Information number: 943 08 40 00.

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